Women’s summer clothes

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We believe in embracing the warmth of the sun, capturing its energy, and celebrating the carefree spirit that comes with each sun-kissed moment.
Our clothing collections are designed for those who seek the blissful embrace of the sun, those who are always on the lookout for adventure, and those who want to do it in style.

We pride ourselves on creating stylish women’s clothes that allow you to stay cool and comfortable under the sun. Designing clothes that not only look good but feel good too, is high on the priority list for Bev, Head designer and Founder of Chasing Sundays.

Our selection of quality fabrics are lightweight, breathable and durable, they’ll stand the test of time, getting better wash, after wash.

Considered and natural

Creating considered women’s clothing makes us one of Australia’s top online brands. From sourcing fabric, to production methods we aim to minimise the mark we make on the world.


We continue to work on improving our ethical and sustainability sourcing journey. And we love that we have a real relationship with the team who make our clothes.


We want you to be able to source quality summer clothes for women online. Easy shopping, for clothes you know will fit well, feel good and stand the test of time. 


And the best thing is our range of women’s clothing will take you from one season to the next. Pop on a shirt or jacket. Add a layer under our dresses and tops. Or pair with your latest boots. With just a little of your individual style you’ve got yourself a wardrobe fit for any season.

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