Free Chiller Bag Offer

Get a FREE Chiller Bag (worth $29.95) with every purchase of 2 or more towels and ponchos (yep you can mix and match)

SunChaser Collection

Sun-kissed styles designed to capture the essence of summer. From flowy dresses that dance in the breeze to effortless over shirts and tailored shorts, each piece is crafted to make you feel as radiant as the sun itself.

Luxe Turkish Towels

Turkish cotton towels are a great option for busy families. In fact, the beach struggle with three kids is what inspired Chasing Sundays. Our first products were the Turkish cotton towels.

Once you make the switch to the best Turkish cotton towels you’ll find in Australia, there’ll be no turning back. No more sand-filled soggy towels, weighing you down.


Ideal for when traveling, hitting the beach or pool, picnic park dates, sleepovers or running to the shops.


Chasing Sunday’s women’s clothing is designed for those who seek the blissful embrace of the sun, those who are always on the lookout for adventure, and those who want to do it in comfort and style.

Poncho Towels

Our Turkish Kid’s poncho towels are traditionally loomed by hand in Turkey, using locally grown 100% natural Turkish Cotton and certified raw dyes. 

Our long-awaited Adult’s Poncho Towels are made from luxurious 100% Turkish terry cotton.

Bolga Baskets

From kid wrangling to grabbing the groceries. Beach hustling to kids sport. Our bolga baskets are lightweight, versatile and look great.

Bring a little Sunday to everyday

Here at Chasing Sundays our mission is to help you keep the Sunday vibe alive all week long.

We know the weekday juggle is real, it’s way too easy to get caught up doing #allthethings

Our collections include relaxed clothing, beach tote and wet bags, luxe Turkish beach towels, hand-made natural baskets, and more.

Essentials to take you from the beach and beyond




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Turkish Towels

Beach to street in a heartbeat

Chasing Sundays is all about versatile, stylish and natural pieces. Our collections let you keep the day rolling. From juggling kids, errands, work and family to whatever it is life throws at you.

But they also remind you to keep a little of the Sunday vibe alive. So as you move
through your week, you can breathe a little easier and feel confident.

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