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Turkish Towels: 4 Reasons to make the switch

By May 1, 2018Blog, towels

Wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to Turkish towels? Here is my low down on why I made the switch to Turkish.

When it comes to buying things for my family, the home or myself I have always been drawn to versatile, practical, unisex or neutral items. Staple pieces or colours that aren’t going to go out of fashion or things I can reuse or pass down… maybe this is why I was blessed with three boys, ‘cause I love a good hand me down!

Let’s throw it back to 2015, when my hair was short, my babies were little and the juggle was real!


I was looking for a neutral unisex kids poncho towel.  One that was going to take some of the hassle out of the beach visits, that I could throw on the kids, they wouldn’t drop in the sand and I knew would dry them off.  When I struggled to find what I was after for my boys (and me!) I started product testing different textiles with the idea of designing my own. I had heard all the amazing benefits of Turkish cotton but had never tried or really seen a Turkish towel. I ordered one online to see what all the fuss was about, and here are my four top reasons why I will never go back to their bulky terry-cloth counterpart again.

1. Super Absorbent

When it arrived in the mail I admit I was sceptical. The feel of the cotton and how thin the towel was actually reminded me of an oversized tea towel! My initial thoughts were, how could this possibly be absorbent? But one soft and trouble-free day at the beach with my boys and we’ve never used a regular beach towel again!

2. Light Weight and Compact

Turkish towels have single-handedly revolutionised my beach experience. No exaggeration.

As a mum of three I was often put off by going to the beach on my own with the kids. I felt I never had enough arms, considering the regular towels would take up the bulk of my beach bag and I would have at least one child on the hip and two others running free.

But now due to the lightweight, thin fabric of Turkish towels, I can fold and roll these babies into the size of a 600 ml bottle of water!

Meaning, I. Have. Space!

I can now easily carry a Turkish towel for everyone AND a Turkish throw (yep, no more soggy wet sand smothered towel for me!) in my beach bag or basket without it weighing a tonne and I still have room for snacks, hats, sunscreen and a bottle of water!

If you’re traveling, whether it be backpacking, caravanning, camping, boating, flying or packing up the family for a summer holiday road trip, you NEED Turkish towels in your life. Towels are always that bulky item taking up precious space, especially when adding several bulky towels into the mix.
Not now with this lightweight, compact option, you will have space! So. Much. Space!

3. Versatile

Did I mention they double as a picnic blanket, too? Well they do.

Turkish towels are so versatile! I always have one on hand, for any occasion.
I use them for everything. Towels, throws for my lounge, chair and my bed, a picnic blanket, tea towels and hand towels, kids’ day care blankets.They’re perfect for a lap blanket during a flight, a shawl, scarf, even a gym towel.

4. Feeling

Turkish towels only get better with use.  They become softer, more absorbent and because they’re lightweight, they dry in minutes.They’re sand resistant too, so you won’t take a bucket load of sand home with you either. Your washing machine can thank me later!

But, what I love most, it’s how they make me feel, Turkish towels have made my life so much easier.

Cant. Live. Without. Them. Kind of easy.

They’ve solved the annoyance and inconvenience of going to the beach, I now feel happy and in control of our beach days. Plus, they easily become more than just a part of your beach day or bathroom routine. They become apart of your home and apart of your life.

If you haven’t tried a Turkish Towel or you’ve been put off buying one because, like me, it reminds you of an oversized tea towel, I urge you to give one a go. I warn you though, there will be no going back.



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