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Our Bolga Baskets are lightweight and ideal to carry along to the beach, markets, grocery shopping or picnics. When your not using your basket out and about, they’re pretty enough to be used within your home as a storage basket.

Made in Ghana, Africa from sun dried natural Elephant Grass and dyed using mineral or non toxic fabric dyes. Finished with a double leather handle for comfort and style.

Gathered, dyed, woven and dried all by the hands of the local artisans. Each of our Baskets are hand selected from the various communities within Ghana.
No basket is the same; each basket is a one of a kind design, reflecting the mood of the creator. This allows the owner the privilege of owning something unique, distinctive and exceptional.

An Eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically sourced, strong, durable and beautiful crafted piece that will be enjoyed for many years to come.


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Shipping & Shaping your Bolga Basket

The Shopper Basket may become unshaped during transit, but don’t worry; shaping your basket is easy. For steps on how to shape your basket, head to our Basket Shaping page here.

No International Shipping available for baskets.


Sized at approximately 28cm high and 38cm wide, as these baskets are made by hand & gathered from various communities, the basket sizes may differ slightly.

Made in Africa.
By purchasing a basket, you are supporting the local weavers and their families of the Ghana community.


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