Turkish cotton towels

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Best Turkish cotton towels in Australia

Turkish cotton towels are a great option for busy families. In fact the beach struggle with three kids is what inspired Chasing Sundays.

And guess what?

Our first products were the Turkish cotton towels and kids beach poncho.

Once you make the switch to the best Turkish cotton towels you’ll find in Australia,

there’ll be no turning back. No more sand-filled soggy towels, weighing you down.

100% Cotton


Chemical Free



Eco Friendly



Sand free


Versatile and practical

We know the beach juggle is real. But don’t limit your Turkish cotton towel to the

beach. You’ll soon find these game changers will become part of so many other areas

of your life. These versatile numbers will soon be in your car, bag and suitcase.


Use your Turkish cotton towel as:

Bathroom towels

Stylish throws in your home

Lap blanket for flying and travelling

Tea towels and hand towels

Gym towel

Shawl or scarf

Pram cover or breast feeding cover





Benefits of Turkish cotton towels

Besides them being super versatile and easy to use, there’s a stack of reasons why these go-to towels will quickly become your go-to accessory. Throw a couple in the car so they’re on hand when you need them.

Long lasting

How often do you buy something that gets better every time you use it? Our Turkish cotton beach towels start off soft, but just get softer, more absorbent and cosier with every wash.

Super absorbent

How can something so light be so absorbent? Turkish cotton has extra-long fibres meaning fewer joins, producing stronger and smoother cotton threads. All the better for soaking up the water on the soggy kids.

Sand resistant

Sick of bringing half the beach home with you? If your current towels are sand catchers, it’s time to make the change to quality Turkish cotton beach towels. And leave that sand at the beach.

Lightweight and compact

Roll them up, throw them over the kids shoulders or pop in a bag. With Turkish cotton beach towels, you no longer need the world’s biggest beach bag. Take a look at some of our stylish baskets and bags, and they’re big enough for a family outing, including the towels.


Because there’s less joins means your Turkish Cotton towel is quick drying too.