Bolga Baskets Australia

Bolga baskets, beach baskets and bags

Bolga baskets and bags are the go anywhere, anytime accessory to complement our

quintessential Australian lifestyle. And make it a whole lot easier.

With our range including bolga baskets, bolga shopper baskets and turkish cotton

beach bags, we’ve got the perfect carry-all to suit whatever your day brings.

From kid wrangling to grabbing the groceries. Beach hustling to kids sport. Our bags and baskets are lightweight, versatile and look great.

Local artisans creating individual pieces

We’ve got lots of styles, sizes and colours to choose from. Handmade by local

artisans in Ghana, each item is as individual as you. You’ll get something unique,

distinctive and stylish enough to get you from the beach to the gym and everywhere

in between.

Made from sun-dried natural elephant grass, each item is dyed using mineral or non

toxic fabric dyes.

Some things are worth waiting for

Sometimes we have a waitlist for our popular bolga and basket products. Although we try to minimise wait times as much as possible, remember all our baskets are hand made in Ghana. Our artisans are affected by local conditions, so sometimes there may be slight delays.

But you can be assured the product you get is exceptional quality, made from talented artisans who’ve honed their skills for decades. It’s why we’ve become the go to place for bolga baskets in Australia.

Choose from four different sizes


Perfect for your little ones to get used to carrying their own things. And oh so cute.

They even double as a stylish storage option in their bedroom.


Upsize to the medium and you’ve got yourself the ideal basket for the beach,

markets, to grab a few things at the supermarket, or for that impromptu spot of shopping or picnic.



Our most popular size, the large bolga basket is big enough for that all day beach visit.

Throw in towels, drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and even a few beach toys, and you’re ready to go.

Extra Large

The workhorse of the range, our extra large bolga basket let’s you throw in everything but the kitchen sink.

And even though it’s our super sized option, it’s still lightweight, functional and on-trend.