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Sun Bum: Sunscreen for the whole family

The weather is warming up meaning it’s time to get sun smart and start applying sunscreen more regularly.  We are a family of five that live in and love the sun so it’s super important for us to use quality sunscreen products. There is only one brand we choose to use, Sun Bum!

Haven’t heard of Sun Bum?

They’re from Florida and have been around for years in the U.S but only landed on our Australian shores last summer. I knew as soon as they started arriving in Australian stores I had to be onboard. I was stoked to become an official Australian stockist for Sun Bum and Baby Bum in October 2017.

Smells like Summer

From the moment I first smelt Sun Bum I had all these childhood memories flashing back of when my parents would take my brothers and I to our town pool. We’d be swimming & eating red frogs while my mum was coated in coconut tanning oil (clearly we’ve come a long way in protecting our skin since then, mum!)
All of their products smell like summer. It’s a mixture of tropical-banana-coconuty-sunscreen smell; Argh, I love that smell so much!

Apart from smelling delicious, Sun Bum’s branding is on point. From their cleverly designed packaging, to making application easier, to the stylish wood grain look bottles.
And we can’t forget the face of Sun Bum, Sonny the Ape. So fun!

Trust the Bum

I often get asked what sunscreen I use on my three boys. If you’re like me, you want to be sure whatever is coming in contact with your children’s skin isn’t filled with nasties.
I #trustthebum because their products are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Paraben Free / PABA Free
  • Oil Free
  • Retinyl Palmitate Free
  • CFCs free
  • Propylene Glycol free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free

So, let me share with you our go to Sun Bum faves



For our all over cover we use the Sun Bum 50+ Lotion.
It’s a lightweight, non greasy and a fast absorbing formula making it easy to apply. It goes on nice and smooth providing a sheer but broad spectrum coverage that protects our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. The lotion is also enriched with Vitamin E, so it helps to moisturise while protecting the skin.

For on the go I have a Sun Bum 30+ Face Stick in my handbag and in each of my boy’s school/pre-school bags. It’s basically all the goodness of the lotion in a convenient and easy to use stick. So handy if you’re dealing with squirming kids, sandy hands, or just need a quick swipe of sunscreen across the face. Kids love applying this one themselves!

This one is my absolute favourite Sun Bum product.
Every day you will find us outdoors, so for added protection on our faces, neck and ears we apply the Zinc Oxide 50+.
Want to know why it’s so damn good?
It’s a clear zinc formula!
And yes, it rubs in crystal clear and it doesn’t leave your face sticky and tacky like other Zincs do, you won’t even know you’re wearing it.
Its mineral based, made of a natural, non chemical (Oxybenzone Free) foundation. Trust me, it’s the goods!

Now, I’m really great at applying sunscreen on the boys but not so great at applying sunscreen on myself at times. You know, ‘a little bit more sun won’t hurt’ … Let’s all admit it ladies; most of us like a bit of colour.
So when it comes to after sun care, I can’t go without the Sun Bum Cool Down Lotion. It’s enriched with soothing Aloe, Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter providing an intense hydration to gently restore the skin’s natural moisture balance while preserving and intensifying your tan.
Yep, built in tan intensifier! And it works girls!
I actually use this as my daily moisturiser during the warmer months; I lather myself in it straight after coming home from the beach. It’s light, non-greasy and quickly absorbs, leaving my skin smooth, soft and smelling of summer.

Let’s not forget our hair. I may be a mum of boys but between myself and my youngest with his cute blonde curls (I can’t bring myself to cut them), the saltwater and sun dries our hair out and makes it a nightmare to brush.
The Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In Beach Formula protects, detangles and conditions your hair while enhancing and restoring its natural body. It controls frizz, prevents split ends, slows colour fading and will leave your hair silky-smooth and shiny.
Its colour safe, suitable for all hair types and is jam packed with natural oils from things like Coconut Oil, Banana Pulp and Peel, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond and Sunflower Seed Oil.
The 3 In 1 has saved me hours of trying to brush out knots.

My baby days are done, but I thought I would mention that Sun Bum has developed a premium naturally sourced sunscreen for kids or anyone with super sensitive skin. The Baby Bum range is made from 100% Mineral Based Ingredients, its Paediatrician Approved and comes in a lotion or the convenient face stick option.

So there you have it guys. That’s a roundup of the sun care products you will find our family using to protect us from the sun over the warmer months.

Did you know?

Some of Sun Bums products are actually made in Australia because we are way ahead of the U.S. in developing purely natural protection sunscreens. Cool huh!?

Also, most people only apply 1/3 of the sunscreen they need!
Typically people only apply 1 tablespoon of sunscreen where the recommended use is 3 tablespoons.
Remember SPF ratings are significantly decreased if you do not apply enough. Make sure you use enough and don’t neglect hard to reach and easily forgotten places like your ears, feet, and upper back.

Important Tips to Remember:

  • Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun to allow maximum absorption and protection.
  • Reapply every 2 hours and remember to reapply more frequently after swimming, sweating or toweling.
  • Even on cloudy days, 90% of UV rays can still get through and leave you fried.
  • Reflection off water can increase sun exposure by up to 50%
  • Try to limit your time in the sun between 10am & 2pm during the hot summer months.
  • Whenever possible try and cover up with clothing – including a hat and UV blocking sunglasses. Shade can reduce UV exposure by 50% or more.
  • Keep newborns out of the sun. Sunscreen should only be used on children over the age of 6months.
  • Check your sunscreen products are in date. Out of date sunscreen can cause more harm than good along with skin irritation.

Don’t forget, the sun is good.

20 minutes of daily sunlight gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which is essential for good health.

Get outside people and chase the sun, just remember to do it smart!
I trust the bum for all of our suncare products and I know after one whiff of the summery smell or after your first time testing out the sheer formulas, you will be hooked too

Until next time,
Bev x

Turkish Cotton: What is all the fuss about?

Heard about Turkish towels but still wondering what exactly is Turkish cotton and why is it so good?

What is it?

Turkish cotton is premium cotton grown in three main areas in Turkey: the Aegean region, the Çukurova region, and the Southeastern Anatolia region. Turkish Cotton has extra-long fibres. By using cotton with longer fibres means there are fewer joins, producing stronger and smoother cotton threads. Because of this unique material, it makes for an ideal towel. Towels made from Turkish cotton are known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washing & use.

A piece of history

Turkish towels can also be called foutas, peshtemals, and hammams, and were invented in the 17th century in Bursa, Turkey.
Originally used in Turkish baths,they were designed to help individual bathers maintain their privacy and also used to indicate which region people were from, as well as being part of a deep cultural tradition.

Today’s trend

Today this lightweight textile is trending and used wildly around the world due to its functionality and style – they are super absorbent, soft, durable and long lasting.  Turkish towels are extremely versatile and will easily become more than a part of your beach day or bathroom routine. They will become apart of your home, and apart of your daily life.








Turkish towels have been used for 100s of years and made popular thanks to their many benefits







Our Collection

Our collection of Turkish Towels are made traditionally on looms in Denizli, Turkey.
Slowly made using locally grown 100% natural Turkish cotton and certified raw dyes, every product is finished with each tassel being twisted & tied by hand.  Delivered to you pre washed, ready for use.

All of our Turkish towels, including our Turkish throws and Bags areOeko – Tex Standard 100 certified. Meaning our products surpass the highest criteria of testing for harmful chemicals and synthetics.

Turkish towels are not fast fashion, they are an artisan made textile. By purchasing one of our Turkish towels, you’re supporting a community, an ancient craft and a sustainable product.

Our designs are classic and timeless, never in your face.  That way you can be sure that your towel remains as stylish in years to come as it is the day you purchase it.

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Kids Poncho Towels: Yes, they can be stylish!

As a mum of three energetic boys I have always loved the ease that comes with poncho towels for kids. You know…..shower them off, chuck a towel over their head, pop them into the car and voila! Dry, warm and no towels falling off, hallelujah baby, job done!

I struggled though, to find a stylish poncho towel that catered for a broad age range. All the poncho towels I came across were mass produced showcasing a brightly coloured crab, pirate or Lightning McQueen.  Through my frustration I found that all of a sudden I had a sourcing, researching, sampling obsession.  From there I fell in love with Turkish Cotton and that’s how Chasing Sundays was born.

Kids Ponchos – The beginning of our collection

The product that kick started our brand, the Kids Turkish Poncho Towel, is designed to be simplistic and stylish.  It caters to a broad age range and is generously sized so your little people will adore them for many summers.

It is really important to me that the Chasing Sundays footprint is kept as small as possible and that kids that use our products are not exposed to any nasties (that goes for you big kids too!).  Our Luxe Stonewashed Ponchos are traditionally loomed by hand in Turkey, using locally grown 100% natural Turkish Cotton and raw dyes.  They are Oeko – Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning our ponchos surpass the highest criteria of testing for harmful chemicals and synthetics.

Each piece is beautifully hand finished by the skilled artisans with every tassel being twisted and tied by hand. Thanks to the benefits of Turkish Cotton, our Ponchos are lightweight, quick to dry, absorbent, compact and soft.

Free and wild child

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Karianne Peterson a few times now. Karianne supports small business and showcases ethically made and often organically sourced children’s fashion labels from around the world on her blog, Free and Wild Child.
Kari captures the adventures of her seriously stunning beach dazing, surf, skate, BMX and nature loving children so raw and beautifully.

Here are a few words Kari shared on her latest blog post featuring our Luxe Stonewashed Ponchos.
‘Every little beach kid out there should have a poncho of some sort: so easy to change under, so comfy to lay on, so handy to wrap yourself into. The hoodie is big and lush and the woven luxe fabric is SO good and so quick drying! Win! My little ones can be in the ocean water for hours and hours on end, and generally it is really windy and chilly by the time we are heading home: which is when these ponchos come in so handy: They wont fall off, like a towel would, and they keep them nice and warm. Everywhere we go people comment on our towel game!’
‘I hope you will fall in love with these amazing towels yourself, if you haven’t gone all in on the Turkish towels yet, I can highly recommend it: Ours have been washed a million times, and they are still, as good as new!’ Kari wrote.

I feel honored that Kari has believed in our brand & adored our products right from the beginning of our journey.
You can view Kari’s complete blog post and full shoot of her dreamy pictures here http://www.freeandwildchild.com/2018/02/chasing-sundays-luxe-turkish-towels-and.html

Slowly made

Our Poncho towel is not fast fashion, they are an artisan made textile. Slowly made and hand finished. Turkish towels have been used for 100s of years, dating back to the 17th century when they were invented in Bursa, Turkey.
By purchasing our towels you’re supporting a community, an ancient craft and a sustainable product.

Make the switch

Poncho towels will bring ease to your days spent waterside, whether it be by the sea, pool or if you’re soaking up a beautiful freshwater swimming spot. Switching to Turkish Cotton will take the bulk out of your beach bag due to the slimline compact material.  They dry quickly and you can say goodbye to excess sand, because these beauties are sand repellent! No more heavy, drenched, sand smothered towels.

Children love to dry off and play in the soft and lightweight textile.  With the added bonus for us parents knowing they are 100% free from harmful chemicals, important to consider when it comes to products so closely in contact with their skin.

Have your child stand out from the crowd in one of our 100% Turkish Cotton Poncho Towels or give the ultimate gift to any sun loving child.

Shop our entire collection of Turkish Towels here
Until next time,


Turkish Towels: 4 Reasons to make the switch

Wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to Turkish towels? Here is my low down on why I made the switch to Turkish.

When it comes to buying things for my family, the home or myself I have always been drawn to versatile, practical, unisex or neutral items. Staple pieces or colours that aren’t going to go out of fashion or things I can reuse or pass down… maybe this is why I was blessed with three boys, ‘cause I love a good hand me down!

Let’s throw it back to 2015, when my hair was short, my babies were little and the juggle was real!


I was looking for a neutral unisex kids poncho towel.  One that was going to take some of the hassle out of the beach visits, that I could throw on the kids, they wouldn’t drop in the sand and I knew would dry them off.  When I struggled to find what I was after for my boys (and me!) I started product testing different textiles with the idea of designing my own. I had heard all the amazing benefits of Turkish cotton but had never tried or really seen a Turkish towel. I ordered one online to see what all the fuss was about, and here are my four top reasons why I will never go back to their bulky terry-cloth counterpart again.

1. Super Absorbent

When it arrived in the mail I admit I was sceptical. The feel of the cotton and how thin the towel was actually reminded me of an oversized tea towel! My initial thoughts were, how could this possibly be absorbent? But one soft and trouble-free day at the beach with my boys and we’ve never used a regular beach towel again!

2. Light Weight and Compact

Turkish towels have single-handedly revolutionised my beach experience. No exaggeration.

As a mum of three I was often put off by going to the beach on my own with the kids. I felt I never had enough arms, considering the regular towels would take up the bulk of my beach bag and I would have at least one child on the hip and two others running free.

But now due to the lightweight, thin fabric of Turkish towels, I can fold and roll these babies into the size of a 600 ml bottle of water!

Meaning, I. Have. Space!

I can now easily carry a Turkish towel for everyone AND a Turkish throw (yep, no more soggy wet sand smothered towel for me!) in my beach bag or basket without it weighing a tonne and I still have room for snacks, hats, sunscreen and a bottle of water!

If you’re traveling, whether it be backpacking, caravanning, camping, boating, flying or packing up the family for a summer holiday road trip, you NEED Turkish towels in your life. Towels are always that bulky item taking up precious space, especially when adding several bulky towels into the mix.
Not now with this lightweight, compact option, you will have space! So. Much. Space!

3. Versatile

Did I mention they double as a picnic blanket, too? Well they do.

Turkish towels are so versatile! I always have one on hand, for any occasion.
I use them for everything. Towels, throws for my lounge, chair and my bed, a picnic blanket, tea towels and hand towels, kids’ day care blankets.They’re perfect for a lap blanket during a flight, a shawl, scarf, even a gym towel.

4. Feeling

Turkish towels only get better with use.  They become softer, more absorbent and because they’re lightweight, they dry in minutes.They’re sand resistant too, so you won’t take a bucket load of sand home with you either. Your washing machine can thank me later!

But, what I love most, it’s how they make me feel, Turkish towels have made my life so much easier.

Cant. Live. Without. Them. Kind of easy.

They’ve solved the annoyance and inconvenience of going to the beach, I now feel happy and in control of our beach days. Plus, they easily become more than just a part of your beach day or bathroom routine. They become apart of your home and apart of your life.

If you haven’t tried a Turkish Towel or you’ve been put off buying one because, like me, it reminds you of an oversized tea towel, I urge you to give one a go. I warn you though, there will be no going back.