Basket shaping & care

Shaping your basket

Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just follow these simple steps

  • Push out the base of your basket
  • Thoroughly wet with either a garden hose or placing in a sink with water. Take care not to wet the leather handle
  • The water will make the grass soften & the basket will become pliable
  • Use your hands to mould your basket by pressing & tapping the edges until you get the desired round shape
  • To ensure the bottom sits nice and flat, place your basket on a flat surface and use your hands to flatten the base
  • Once you’re happy with your shape,
    allow your basket to dry thoroughly in the sun or under a fan.


If you find your basket loses its round shape over time, remember you can reshape your basket as many times as you like!

Large Bolga Basket

Basket care tips

You will get years of use from your basket, but here are some tips to ensure your basket is properly cared for.

  • Its okay if your basket gets wet, just place it out to thoroughly dry in the sun or under a fan
  • Spray your basket with diluted clove oil to prevent mould in humid climates
  • The baskets are made from elephant grass which, if misused will abrade or break
  • Do not drag your basket on rough surfaces
  • Do not overload your basket

NOTE: Natural dyes may fade over time, to avoid dyes from fading avoid leaving your basket in the sun for extended periods of time.